The Opportunities and Unique Problems of Social Media Marketing by Attorneys (Part 1 of a series)

Attorney who wants to be Facebook friend.
Attorney who wants to be Facebook friend.

Will you be my Facebook friend?

Most articles I’ve read recently about attorneys using social media marketing fall into one of two categories. Either the author enthusiastically urges attorneys to get on board the social media train, or the author explains the ethical rules the attorney must follow once the lawyer begins using social media marketing.

There seems to be an assumption that attorneys will begin social media marketing, so read the ethical rules and plunge right in.

Let me say up front that I’m both a user and proponent of social media marketing for attorneys. I began using social media when the BP oil spill occurred, and I’ve gotten hundreds of client leads using social media.

But, before you begin your social media marketing efforts, you need to ask some tough questions and set some goals. Otherwise, you will probably become frustrated and disappointed with your social media marketing efforts. [Read more…]