Infographic should spur adoption of social media for attorney marketing

Attorney Marketing Begins Embracing Social Media

Attorney Marketing means many things, from simply doing a good job for your clients so they will send you referrals. But often law firm are reluctant to adopt cutting-edge online legal marketing tools, either because of a fear they will violate lawyer ethics rules, or unfamiliarity with the subject. This info graphic shows just how quickly social media has already been adopted. My advice is that you consider adding a social media marketing angle to your lawyer marketing campaign.

Takeaway: Good attorney marketing should include social media marketing.

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New ABA ethics rules target attorney marketing on Internet, social media (Part 2 in a series)

Attorney advertising ethics and social media

I’ll give one example of a potential problem with the new rules and comments here. Rule 7.3 has been changed in several places, and has been renamed. Formerly the rule was titled, “Direct Contact With Prospective Clients.” The new name is “Solicitation of Clients.

Upon first reading, the renaming of the rule 7.3 seems to be the most significant change. I believe it’s a little bit unusual to change the name of a rule. It really wasn’t necessary. One wonders if it reflects someone’s opinion that “direct contact with prospective clients” equates to “solicitation.”

Most of us who represent individuals as clients are familiar with Rule 7.3. That’s the rule that bans solicitation if you have a significant financial motive for the solicitation, except in certain rare cases. You may solicit a lawyer or a person with whom you have a family, close personal, or prior professional relationship. Or you may send a direct solicitation to a person who may need legal services, if you stamp the words “Advertising Material”on an envelope you mail to a potential client, or put the words “Advertising Material” at the beginning and end of any electronic solicitation communication. Although writing “Advertising Material” at the beginning and end of an electronic communication, violation of the solicitation rule can result in potentially serious disciplinary proceedings. [Read more…]

3 Insider Secrets About Attorney Marketing With Facebook Pages

My last post included a discussion of Facebook Pages for attorney marketing. I thought it might be a good time to mention 3 insider secrets that most social media mavens aren’t going to tell you about Facebook Pages.

  • Fans of Facebook Pages can be bought for pennies each. There’s a booming market in the sale of Facebook Page fans, if you know where to look. It became such an open secret that Facebook finally admitted that 83 millions of its users are not real. That’s because so many people are in the business of creating and selling fake fans. So don’t be intimidated or impressed solely by a Facebook Page with thousands of fans, if there isn’t any real activity (“engagement”) going on there. The Facebook fan marketers fall into two categories. One group will sell you a small number of actual fans who are people, mostly from other countries. The other group will sell you hundreds, if not thousands, of fans for as little as $5 per thousand because that group of marketers uses bots (little automated programs) to add Facebook fans for your Page. There is only one problem with having a bot as a Facebook fan: the bot isn’t going to hire you as its lawyer.
  • Most highly successful Facebook pages have one of two things working in their favor. Either they run a promotion, contest, or somehow give people an incentive to “Like” their Page, or the Page is identified with an important cause that the person feels very strongly about. I had almost 2,000 Facebook fans on my BP Oil News Facebook Page because it was a just cause. The theory: “If you build it, they will come,” may have worked for Kevin Costner’s character in the movie, Field of Dreams, but in the real world you need a strong cause or some other type of incentive to build a large following.
  • Facebook Ads are the main way Facebook makes its money. And most of those ads are sold to drive visitors to your Facebook Page. Sure, Facebook will let you create a Facebook Pages free of charge. In fact, Facebook will let you create as many Pages as you want to create. But remember secret 2, above? There needs to be an incentive, a just cause or some method of driving people to your Page. To its credit, Facebook has great ad targeting that allows you to get good value for your advertising dollar. I’ve used both Facebook ads and Google AdWords, and I got more value for my ad money from Facebook. Attorneys who create Facebook Pages need a very strong, emotional cause to motivate people to become fans, or they need to budget some money for Facebook ads.

As a lawyer who has spent three decades representing people injured by corporate wrongdoing, I feel as if all my cases involve a just cause. But it’s easier to get the public to agree with me about some issues than it is others.

I’ll write a post in the future about the types of cases that, I believe, lend themselves best to social media marketing.