Attorney Marketing On Social Media: How Do I Convert Friends to Clients?

Attorney Marketing With Social Media (Part 3)

Social media can be fun, but social media marketing should produce results (ROI). For law firms, those results are measured in new clients. If you’re going to convert Facebook friends, Twitter followers or other social media connections to clients, you need one more thing.

You need the benefit of one of the most over-used terms in the English language–a term I hesitate to use. But the truth is, this  word actually applies to social media marketing. The word is:


For attorney marketing that will actually give you a return on your investment, you need to create a social media marketing machine that is greater than the sum of its individual component parts.

To illustrate the point, let’s assume that the local manufacturing plant owned by a global corporation has violated environmental laws and injured thousands of people within your law firm’s marketing area. Your law firm handles this type of litigation and you want to represent as many of these potential clients as possible. Your law firm expects to have a number of competitors for those clients. What do you do? [Read more…]

5 Tips Before You Start Attorney Marketing on Social Media (Part 2 of a Series)

Attorney Marketing With Social Media (Part 2)

Part 1 of this series ended with two principles that are worth repeating:

  • What really matters is your return on investment (ROI), and
  • there are ethical, cost-effective ways to attract new clients.

These things are true. But before you jump in, consider these 5 tips about attorney marketing using social media. [Read more…]

The Opportunities and Unique Problems of Social Media Marketing by Attorneys (Part 1 of a series)

Attorney who wants to be Facebook friend.
Attorney who wants to be Facebook friend.

Will you be my Facebook friend?

Most articles I’ve read recently about attorneys using social media marketing fall into one of two categories. Either the author enthusiastically urges attorneys to get on board the social media train, or the author explains the ethical rules the attorney must follow once the lawyer begins using social media marketing.

There seems to be an assumption that attorneys will begin social media marketing, so read the ethical rules and plunge right in.

Let me say up front that I’m both a user and proponent of social media marketing for attorneys. I began using social media when the BP oil spill occurred, and I’ve gotten hundreds of client leads using social media.

But, before you begin your social media marketing efforts, you need to ask some tough questions and set some goals. Otherwise, you will probably become frustrated and disappointed with your social media marketing efforts. [Read more…]

Legal blogs pay off for small law firms and sole practitioners

Attorney blogging at computer.

Attorney blogging at computer.Legal blogs as attorney marketing tools

I saw an interesting post on Larry Bodine’s Law Marketing Blog about the ABA’s 2012 Legal Technology Survey on attorney blogging. It said that 50 percent of responding small law firms (2-9 attorneys) and 53.3 percent of responding solo practitioners who blog say they have gotten clients directly or through a referral as a result of their blogging.

So those of you in solo or small firm practice who aren’t already blogging may want to consider taking up the habit (and it had better become a habit or you won’t have many people reading your blog).

There are lots of free and cheap ways to begin a blog, and once you’re over the learning curve, it’s really very easy. (Is anyone old enough to remember converting from Wordperfect to Microsoft Word?). WordPress happens to be my software of choice, but Google offers blogger and there are other platforms as well.

So, what should an attorney blog about? I’ll rephrase the hackneyed advice given to aspiring writers: blog about what you know about. In other words, blog about your area of practice. This has several advantages. [Read more…]

Social media marketing for law firms | Complying with attorney ethics rules

Social media marketing by law firms while complying with attorney ethics rules: Can it be done?

Connected figures representing people.Social media marketing for attorneys is written about more often than it’s actually done.  If done well, it can be extremely effective. But many attorneys don’t use social media for law firm marketing due to the concern that social networking can’t be done without violating attorney ethics rules.

The notion that an attorney can’t ethically use social media marketing was thoroughly debunked yesterday by Robert Ambrogi, who is both a lawyer and media professional. Writing for’s Law Technology News, Ambrogi offers 10 Tips to Keep Social Networking in Line With ABA Ethics. [Read more…]