If You’re a Mass Tort Lawyer Who Wants More Cases, This Page is for You.

If you’re a mass tort attorney, you know the competition for good mass tort cases is ferocious. If you’re successful, that means you’ve found a way to get “your share” of the good cases.


But what if you could get more?

Wouldn’t you like to have more good mass tort cases than you’re getting? If your mass tort cases come from TV ads and referring lawyers, there is an entire group of people who aren’t even hearing your message.

Did you know that a large percentage of Americans would never pick up the phone and call an 800 number after a seeing a 30-second lawyer ad.

How do I know? I’ve represented thousands of mass tort clients who found me and my associated law firms using the Internet.

Sure, there is some overlap of the groups of people who respond to TV ads and the people who find lawyers on the Internet. I’ve had lots of clients tell me they found out about our mass tort litigation attorneys on TV, which is amusing because most of the time we haven’t spent a dollar on TV ads. These were simply people who saw the TV ad, but didn’t remember the telephone number or name of the law firm. They usually contacted me after running a Google search and finding one of my websites.

But there are some clients who use the Internet to research a defective product that injured them or their parent, spouse or child. They research the  medical care that they or their loved one may need, and they research their legal rights.

These clients want information. Lots of good, reliable information. And unless you are using online marketing effectively, this is a pool of clients you will never reach.

What if you could add some of those Internet clients with really good cases to your caseload?


I've Read Enough. Contact Me As Soon As Possible. I Want More Mass Tort Cases Now!


I’m not talking about sending you leads from “Internet marketers” who want to sell “online leads” that waste your law firm’s money and your staff’s time. Some of those “Internet marketers” are college kids who know how to create quick websites and write content that may not make a lot of sense, but the text contains the right number of keywords so that it can get a decent Google ranking.

I’m talking about providing you with leads, or even signed employment agreements, from people who have potential mass tort claims that any good mass tort lawyer would want to have an opportunity to review.  Potential mass tort cases obtained by a mass tort plaintiffs’ attorney. And as an attorney with a vested interest in an ethical referral fee, I won’t waste your law firm’s time sending you the type of leads some “legal marketing” companies want to sell you.

Please don’t misunderstand my comments about television. I’m not opposed to television advertising. I even believe TV ads could be used synergistically in some cases with a memorable website name (such as my USLegalAlliance.com domain) to increase leads coming in over the Internet.

But TV ads are classic “interruption marketing.” Online marketing, particularly social media, is “permission marketing.” And some people are much less resistant to permission marketing.

I’ve used a combination of online marketing techniques and technologies to deliver thousands of mass tort cases to law firms over the past decade. I’ve been an innovator, using the Internet before it was fashionable, online video before it was fashionable, and social media before  it was fashionable. I see the bright future in mobile publishing and advertising, so I’m the CEO of an Apple iOS app developer and online publisher, Digital Media Advocates, Inc. I love using new technology to connect with clients nationwide and help them obtain the one thing they most need from an attorney: Justice.

In the past 12 years I’ve worked with law firms in over 40 states, although some lawyers served only as local counsel while other firms handled other aspects of the litigation. I’m either working with, or have worded with, some of the larger mass tort law firms, including:

I can deliver mass tort cases to your firm, too.

I’m not talking about small cases. It stands to reason that an internet-savvy person with a really big case would perform a lot of research before signing a contract hiring an attorney.

If you want more mass tort cases, what are you waiting for? Contact me now by filling out this form.

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