Free online legal forms fail Consumer Reports test — Calling all attorney guest bloggers

There’s big news about the September Consumer Reports magazine testing LegalZoom, Rocket Lawyer and Nolo, and finding that they don’t match up to the services provided by a real lawyer. I’ve posted about the Consumer Reports Robo-Lawyer review on my Law/Marketing/Technology blog, and I think it will interest most attorneys and legal marketers.

In addition to my post about the Consumer Reports’ review of online legal form websites, I’ve issued two press releases on the subject:

I strongly believe that these Robo-Lawyer sites are a major consumer issue, and the Consumer Reports review gives us a chance to educate the public about the potential pitfalls of these sites offering free or cheap online legal forms. It’s also an attorney marketing issue, because these sites are taking clients away from lawyers.

But the main problem I have with the Robo-Lawyers is that they can cause tremendous harm to their customers by creating important legal documents that may, or may not, be valid. For example, if your father wanted you to receive certain assets when he died, would you feel comfortable relying on a will created by an elderly non-lawyer using a form found on the Internet.

Request for attorneys who will serve as guest bloggers about online legal forms

Because I feel so strongly about this issue, I’m asking for lawyers to serve as guest bloggers about the pitfalls of online forms. If your law practice involves creating legal documents that can be obtained free or at low-cost from a Robo-Lawyer website, please contact me at I want to find some lawyers who will write blog posts for my Michael J. Evans: Law + Marketing + Technology blog. I want to publish blog posts with concrete examples of the potential pitfalls of these Robo-Lawyer websites. If I get well-written, persuasive posts, I will use portions of the guest blog posts in premium press releases to spread the word to as many consumers as possible. So, guest bloggers may get some free publicity while doing a public service.

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