Attorney Marketing With Social Media (Part 5 of a 5-Part Series)

Attorney Marketing – Even if You Use Social Media, Remember the Concept of Branding

If it’s possible, try to use consistent names and images (for branding purposes) in all your attorney marketing efforts, including your different social media and online platforms.

I use online attorney marketing for mass torts, and treat each mass tort as a separate project. That makes it easier for me to use consistent names across blogs, Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts, etc. than those of you trying to attract different mass tort clients to your law firm using only your law firm’s name. One of the better online attorney marketing law firms, Parker Waichman, puts a dedicated web page on their main website,, for each mass tort. But they also put up separate blogs, or niche websites, for each mass tort they handle.

The separate site makes it easier to optimize the site for search engines. My suggestion is that you use a separate site for each significant mass tort (if you are in mass tort practice), and use the same name across the various social accounts you set up.

A consistent name helps create an online identity that your followers will be able to recognize and recommend. You could use your law firm’s name, but it works really well when you create a blog (or niche website) dedicated solely to each individual mass tort your law firm is handling.

For example, if the defendant in the environmental hypothetical discussed above were named “Harmless Chemicals, Inc.,” you might try to beat other law firms and register an Internet domain for,, or something similar.

Once you have your domain name, you can probably (there’s sometimes competition that makes it impossible) create a Facebook Page, Twitter account and Google+ account with the same name.

If you’re also using TV ads or other traditional attorney marketing tools, I suggest you incorporate an easy-to-remember website address into your ads. Lots of people find it hard to remember a telephone number they hear in a 30-second TV ad. If you put a memorable domain name at the bottom of the ad, in large enough letters to be read easily, you will increase the results you get from your television ads. Attorney marketing logo for BP oil news

I suggest you use the same logo across all your attorney marketing social accounts and traditional advertisements. In my BP Oil Spill project, one fellow in the Netherlands offered me free use of an image he had created in exchange for a link to his Facebook page. So with thanks to Artmiks, let me show you what I consider his imaginative creation. I used it on my blog, Facebook page, and Twitter account (Google+ wasn’t around  in those days).

(Disclaimer: If any of you decide to check out my BP Oil News social media accounts and blogs, let me say that they are still around, but I have moved on to other projects and haven’t used the BP accounts to actively engage in attorney marketing in over a year. I think I’ve posted twice on my blog in the last year, simply to give informational updates to those who still visit. But don’t please don’t judge state-of-the-art social media marketing (or my work) by the look of the blog or social accounts.)

I’m going to continue posting about attorney marketing online on this blog, but if you’re interested in further reading on the subject, or reading more in depth-information online video, SEO or other facets of online attorney marketing, I’ll point you to another resource. There’s a great deal of attorney marketing advice on my blog, Michael J. Evans: Law + Marketing + Technology. And if you will become a fan of my Attorney Marketing Online Facebook Page, I would like to continue the conversation there. I sincerely encourage comments on my Facebook page, even (or perhaps, especially) from those who disagree with a post I’ve written. A good dialogue with multiple parties is one of the things that makes a Facebook Page interesting.

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