Attorney Marketing With Social Media – A Hypothetical

Attorney Marketing With Social Media Marketing to Attract Environmental Clients (a hypothetical) (Part 4 of 5)

Here’s one way your law firm could set up a social media marketing campaign to try to obtain new clients with claims arising from our hypothetical environmental disaster:

  • Put up a dedicated Facebook Page, such as the Attorney Marketing Online Facebook Page I recently launched. If you look at most Facebook Pages, they have tabs just below the large cover image. You want a tab that will have a contact form that potential clients can use to contact you and request legal information. I recently created an Actos Lawsuit Help Facebook Page you can visit if you want to see how I’ve used the Facebook Page tabs to make it possible for prospective clients to contact me and other attorneys working with me on an Actos project. (Once the potential client approaches you and requests that you contact them about legal representation, you are out of danger of being accused of solicitation.)
  • You may also want to put a newsletter tab on your Facebook page. You can periodically send out newsletters with updates on the environmental problem and/or the litigation. Newsletters are good ways to keep in contact with clients, and they also frequently bring in new clients.
  • You may want to consider creating a Facebook Group. A Facebook Group can be used in addition to a Facebook Page, or in lieu of a Facebook Page. We’ll discusses the differences in Facebook Pages and Groups in a later post. We’ll also talk about the types of ads you can use to drive traffic to your Facebook Page and/or Group. (I’ll have later posts talking about the difference between Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups–I’ve used both–and which works better. I’ll also post information on custom apps for Facebook Pages, and attracting potential clients to your Facebook page using Facebook ads.)
  • Create a blog (or niche website) where you post information when anything new happens. Blogs are good attorney marketing tools in their own right. But they really become powerful when added to a social media marketing campaign. Put a case review form on your blog, and perhaps a newsletter signup form, as well. You may even want to put up multiple blogs, with content that is search engine optimized (SEOd) for different search terms used by different people.  (I have a lot of articles about search engine optimization on my blog, Michael J. Evans: Law + Marketing + Technology, if you’re interested in learning more.
  • Open a Twitter account. When you post something new to your blog, send out a link to the new post via Twitter, and post a link on your Facebook page. Use a widget on your blog so that your latest Twitter posts appear in the sidebar. Be sure to include icons on your blog that make it easy for people to follow you on Twitter, Google+, Linkedin (depending on your audience) and which make it easy to “Like” your Facebook Page.
  • Create a Google+ account where you post links to your blog. Google+ also allows you to create custom Pages similar to Facebook Pages, but there aren’t as many potential clients on Google+ as there are on Facebook right now. You may not choose to create a Google+ page, but you should probably have a Google+ account so you can begin to build a social presence there and use it to share links to your blog posts.
  • Create one or more videos.  Video has been a great attorney marketing tool for years, and many plaintiffs’ attorneys have successfully used video. You can embed your video(s) on your Facebook Page and blog so you get video views there in addition to views on YouTube and other video sites. Video has been one of the most effective attorney marketing tools I’ve used, for many reasons. Don’t overlook the fact that Google owns YouTube, and began three years ago incorporating YouTube videos into Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). I haven’t checked the statistics lately but three years ago embedding a video on your blog significantly increased the odds of getting a high ranking in Google search results. (See my July 20, 2009 blog post Easiest Way to a First Page Rank on Google? Online Video, says Forrester Research).
  • Press releases about significant events (launching your blog and/or Facebook page,  etc.), can drive significant traffic and help attract blog readers and Facebook friends. (the service I use) and other press release services also allow you to embed an image and a video. Press releases also offer SEO benefits for your blog that are beyond the scope of this post. Even though most people don’t think of using press releases when contemplating a social media marketing plan for a law firm, the use of a good press release service can significantly improve the results of your attorney marketing campaign.

[This is the end of Part 4 in the series, Attorney Marketing With Social Media. Part 5 will be published tomorrow.]

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