Attorney Marketing On Social Media: How Do I Convert Friends to Clients?

Attorney Marketing With Social Media (Part 3)

Social media can be fun, but social media marketing should produce results (ROI). For law firms, those results are measured in new clients. If you’re going to convert Facebook friends, Twitter followers or other social media connections to clients, you need one more thing.

You need the benefit of one of the most over-used terms in the English language–a term I hesitate to use. But the truth is, this  word actually applies to social media marketing. The word is:


For attorney marketing that will actually give you a return on your investment, you need to create a social media marketing machine that is greater than the sum of its individual component parts.

To illustrate the point, let’s assume that the local manufacturing plant owned by a global corporation has violated environmental laws and injured thousands of people within your law firm’s marketing area. Your law firm handles this type of litigation and you want to represent as many of these potential clients as possible. Your law firm expects to have a number of competitors for those clients. What do you do?

Of course, you can use traditional attorney marketing and run ads on television, radio and in newspapers. You can also issue press releasees. I’m not opposed to traditional attorney marketing in appropriate situations. It can work with great effect, and I’ve used it myself. The idea of using social media marketing for your law firm is to increase clients, and if you already have a successful traditional attorney marketing plan, there is no need to jettison it.

But, if you use only traditional media, you’re probably leaving some potential clients out there for other law firms to acquire using online attorney marketing. I’ve always believed there is an overlap of TV audiences with Internet audiences. Some people will never find a lawyer on the Internet, because they don’t use it. Others will not call a lawyer who runs a 30-second TV ad. They want to research things for themselves on the Internet. And some people surf the Internet while they watch TV.

The optimal solution for your law firm is to continue whatever attorney marketing efforts have worked in the past, and add new social media marketing tools to bring in even more clients.

And if your law firm can’t afford television advertising, the good news about social media marketing is that your law firm can compete with the TV law firms without having to expend a huge amount of money.

Whether you’re doing traditional attorney marketing or not, one obvious place to start your social media campaign would be to create a Facebook Page where you can post pictures and comments about the environmental disaster. But how do you get people there? (Hint, in addition to inviting your Facebook Friends to “Like” your new Facebook Page, you’ll find that Facebook has ad programs to promote Facebook Pages.) Once prospective clients get to your Facebook Page, how do you convert them to clients?

This illustrates why you need more than one social media account, and why you might even need to use attorney marketing tools that you may not think of as social media.

[This is the end of Part 3 in the series, Attorney Marketing With Social Media. Part 4 will be published tomorrow.]

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