About Michael J. Evans

I love using the Internet to connect great lawyers and law firms with clients who have great cases. And I love the challenge of figuring out how to use the latest technology to connect lawyers and clients even faster and easier.


I’m an attorney who uses the Internet to generate leads that turn into great cases for plaintiffs’ litigation firms nationwide.

In 1999, I saw that the Internet had the potential to revolutionize law practice. I stopped filing class action lawsuits for plaintiffs and instead focused on using the Internet to expand my practice nationwide, in partnership with great trial law firms. I’ve been privileged to work with some of the greatest plaintiffs law firms in the nation, helping bring great legal representation to clients all over the U.S.

Some would refer to what I do as law firm marketing or social media marketing or online video marketing. Yes, I’ve used the Internet and video and social media to help connect with clients, but it seems to me that it’s not merely “marketing.” I look upon it as using the latest technology to communicate nationally with potential clients, and I try to make it easy for those clients to find and communicate with me and the great trial lawyers I work with.

I feel as if I’m on a mission. I grew up in a rural area with only four lawyers in the entire county. Not one of them would have recognized a million dollar defective drug or medical device case if the client walked into their law office with all the relevant medical records in hand. And one of those lawyers had recognized the potential of the case, they wouldn’t have had the money, legal support, or experience to go head-to-head with a multinational corporation. I’m not trying to insult the four country lawyers in the county of my birth; I’m just stating the simple facts.

Before the Internet, a person’s ability to get justice depended, to a large extent, on where they lived.

The Internet changed that. It was the great equalizer, enabling people from rural New Mexico to South Dakota to Alabama to retain the same law firms they could hire if they lived in New York or California. It became a tool for plaintiffs’ lawyers to expand their practices nationwide, and a tool for citizens nationwide to get justice for wrongs perpetrated by billion dollar multinational corporations who put profits ahead of people.

I love finding ways to tell people about dangerous products. I love making it easy for them to hire great law firms without even having to leave home. I love working with the great lawyers who are passionate about representing those people.

That’s why I’ve been joining forces with lawyers nationwide to offer legal representation over the Internet for the last twelve years.

I approach each new mass tort as a separate project, and creates an alliance between my law firm and one or more litigation firms to jointly represent clients in mass tort cases. I enjoy using the latest technology and innovative marketing to connect with people. I’m using, or have used, a number of methods to connect with clients:

  • Social media marketing vía Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • Online video production, distribution, and video SEO
  • Blogs and online content publication
  • Search engine marketing
  • Public relations and press releases
  • Traditional marketing
  • Mobile ads, content and apps. I’m CEO of Digital Media Advocates, Inc., a licensed Apple iOS app developer.

I’ve worked with plaintiffs’ attorneys in over 40 states, jointly representing clients in drug, medical device, and environmental cases.

I’m currently working with law firms on Actos bladder cancer litigation, the BP oil spill, and Chinese drywall cases. If you’re a plaintiffs’ attorney who wants more mass tort clients, what’s stopping you from contacting me now? There is no charge to discuss working together on a mass tort marketing campaign.

I also consult with law firms about online legal marketing and social media for law firms. If your law firm is considering social media marketing, I believe it would be a mistake to simply hire a non-lawyer social media marketer without having a lawyer heavily involved in the process. I’ve  obtained clients through the ethical use of social media for over two years. With 12 years of experience in obtaining clients over the Internet, I understand the marketing, ethical and legal issues involved.